Arts Encounters creates unique experiences that enlighten and connect cultural enthusiasts. Our guided tours combine exhibitions at museums, galleries and alternative spaces with visits to artists’ studios and private collections as well as walking tours of art fairs, murals, public art and architecture. 

Accessible excursions introduce small groups to a wide range of art forms, venues and creators; fellow participants who share their interests; and opportunities for further enrichment. Private tours are customized to suit the preferences of collectors, professionals, families and travelers. 

Founder and director Margery Gordon – an art critic, journalist and educator active in Miami’s visual art community for decades – shares her expertise and draws on her extensive contacts to illuminate the work on view, often enlisting artists and curators as guest speakers and guides.

As an independent operator, we partner with nonprofit institutions, community organizations and businesses to organize special outings and events that engage their members, clients and guests -- offering rare insights into the creative process while raising funds and encouraging patronage. In addition to designing and moderating educational programs, we curate exhibitions and advise cultural enterprises on programming and strategic positioning to expand audiences and amplify exposure.